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What a while it's been since we checked in... We've tried writing so many times, but we've struggled to find the right words. Shouldn't we be positive at every turn? Fake it till we make it? Perhaps. 

but, Caught up in the day-to-day of running a business, we've lost touch with why  we started East Seventy Second. And, in that disconnected and (to be entirely honest) overwhelmed state, we've felt lacking in creativity, too exhausted to use our voice, even, at times, believing we didn't have one worth sharing. 

But all that we've read about starting a company says this is normal. And despite every risk-averse fiber of our beings, the self-doubt, tears, and fear of paying the bills (much less saving for retirement) aren't necessarily red flags screaming for course-correction. Hearing 'no' and being constantly questioned, having clients walk away, not being paid on time (or at all) are - though we cringe to admit it - normal realities of entrepreneurship, even though they feel like massive, self-confidence-crushing failures. 

We think it boils down to not trusting the process, or rather sometimes hating the process. Personally, we often struggle with remembering that the journey (not the destination) is the point. In this achievement-driven culture, where success is so often judged by the quantifiable (be it followers or dollars), we focus too much on the destination (a bajillion followers and dollars).

comparison doesn't help either, because there will always be someone with millions in funding (or just, like, any funding for their business), a baffling ability to never sleep, and a client list you'd kill for. 

but we have a list of clients - we call them members - who we love dearly, who support and cheer us on at every turn, even if we're not sure why. we have the opportunity to craft a work environment that is authentic, to create meaningful work, to take care of ourselves. and even if we're not feeling it everyday, there's no better feeling than knowing those things.