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Tucked into the McGarrah-Jesse parking garage, William Ball and Philip Speer's My Name is Joe is the quintessential Austin spot: good food, good people, good service. 

But it's more than that. It's good work. My Name is Joe (or, as we call it, Joe) was created to support the Austin recovery community, specifically those in the food + beverage industry. Partly through employment and skills training in a mindful environment, partly through supporting Serenity Star recovery center, Joe makes a practice of believing in those who don't believe in themselves yet. 

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And, so far it's worked. My Name is Joe almost exclusively employs those in recovery, all of whom have seen Joe's mission work in their lives. We count ourselves among those who Joe has touched. 

The way we talk about Joe is as if it's something more than a trailer. In many ways, it is. On social media, My Name is Joe is a persona, Joe, embodying the art of recovery in the fullest sense. In real life, Joe represents everything we strive for personally. 

And professionally, My Name is Joe is why we got into this business. It's a brand (although labeling it a "brand" seems ill-fitting) with the strongest of missions and messages, truly based on connection and purpose. And because My Name is Joe's function and purpose are so intertwined, it's success means the success of those it benefits. 

Stop by 503 Congress to see what we mean. 



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