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Even in it's "clandestine" (The Austin Chronicle) location, Garage Attracts a line of austin locals and visitors, alike. of course, we're biased, but even so, it's not hard to see why. Garage is the culmination of austin's best qualities: an unfussy cool-factor, laid-back vibes, thoughtful design, unparalleled cocktails, interesting (and obviously, excellent) staff and an element of the unexpected. 

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always included in lists of austin's "secret" bars (counterintuitive, we know), Garage is hardly an austin secret, especially as it finds features in architectural digest and Gwyneth Paltrow's goop


which is partly what makes running the social media for garage so unique. how do you maintain the unfussy, low-key ethos on a platform that is inherently fussy and anything but low-key? with it's emphasis on posting (2-3 times per day being ideal to reach audiences) The instagram algorithm all but outright excludes brands like garage, which value going against the grain. 

And garage goes against the grain. And since the owners would probably cringe to hear us so unabashedly sing their praises (we're passionate about our clients, can't help it!), we'll just *suggest* you stop by for chef tim lane's insane bites, an unparalleled selection of japanese whiskey, and the best unleaded (aka non-alcoholic cocktails) menu in austin. 


photography by julie cope. 

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