The Reading List: 101 Essays to Change the Way You Think


In keeping with our New Year Resolutions - RIP to that one where we were supposed to wake up earlier - we've been attempting to read more. Consequently, we're between four different books. But 101 Essays to Change the Way You Think is one we're constantly returning to, as it *literally* has changed the way we think. 

With both a digital and print copy (who else still buys IRL books?), we're always screenshotting or taking notes on particular essays and passages that re-center us. And, it's infrequent that there isn't an essay or passage for anything we might be grappling with.

From "The Inherent Zen of Creativity," to "The One Question to Ask Yourself If You're Tired of Fighting for Someone's Love," to "101 Things More Worth Thinking About Than Whatever's Consuming You," there's something for everyone in every stage and moment of their life. 

I guess this sounds like a paid-promotion, an in-organic product placement in this super-influencing platform that is East Edits. But, trust us, it's not. Brianna Wiest's 101 Essays to Change the Way You Think is the book we've been recommending (to anyone who'll listen) for over a year. 

Start reading it here

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