Essentials Edit: The Office


While East Seventy Second is a bonafide company - we (and by we, I mean me and Wilson) do not have an "office." We work from home in our 450 square foot house. And while there are benefits to working from home - like never having to wear "real people clothes" and hanging out with Wilson all day - there are compromises, especially when your home office is your dining table. 

So, to be as efficient, chic and comfy as possible, I always (literally always), have these six things within arms reach. The Topo Chico (a total Austin/Texas staple) and BKR bottle (in E72 colors, of course) to keep me hydrated (I'm always struggling to drink enough water), the moleskine to keep my thoughts/to-do lists/notes in order, the acrylic tray to keep documents/pens/books organized, and the reading glasses to prevent me from going blind in ten years. And, the candle to set the mood, duh. 

makenzi hogan