Essentials: The Uniform




While we love clothes and believe a wardrobe reveals something about a person, we don't have the bandwidth to be as explorative and innovative as Leandra Medine or Chiara Feragni

Maybe it's because we wore a *literal* uniform for 12 years. Maybe it's because we're boring dressers. Either way, we love the concept of an adult uniform, which we see as a reliable, everyday look. 

While in all honesty, we wouldn't mind returning to our everyday saddle oxfords, middy and pleated skirt a la prep school, we've traded in our teen look for something thoroughly casual. Think skinny mid to high rise jeans, white tops, Gucci slides or ballet flats, an oversized sweater and a ponytail. Without a penchant for accessories (we prefer staple jewelry we've acquired over the years), it's thoroughly boring. But damnit, we feel good in it. And isn't that the point of a wardrobe? 


Here are some of our favorite places to buy staples... 


Oversized Sweaters: Vince, Theory, Zara

Jeans: Zara, Zara and Zara (cheap, machine washable and dryer friendly) 

Tops: Zara, Industry Standard, Iro, 

Shoes: Gucci, Chanel, any all white sneaker a la common projects

leggings: outdoor voices 


Here's how we do it: 

Think through purchases: will I wear this in a year, will i want to wear this in a year? How many different pieces can I wear this with? 

Avoid Trends: fringe is not forever

avoid color: can you wear CHARTREUSE with everything you have in your closet? 

buy quality: it will last. 




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