How to Make a Moodboard


Regardless of the stage of development our clients are in, moodboards are the launchpad of our relationship with clients. At the most basic level, they help us to familiarize ourselves with the tone, feel, attitude and personality of a brand, ensuring we understand the brand as the Founder/CEO/Head of Brand does. In doing so, this allows our skills and expertise to effectively become an extension of their minds. From there, the moodboard guides the process, acting as a touchstone for the project, creating a consistent, cohesive end product. 

And, regardless of the type of moodboard we create for our clients, our process of creating the moodboard consists of the same formula: extensive brainstorming (usually over lots of coffee and Topo Chico) about the brand, combing through our extensive files of images, curating the right vibes and imagery, then organizing it into a cohesive document. To do this we need the following... 

Screen Shot 2017-11-12 at 10.34.59 PM.png
  1. Adobe Illustrator... you can do this with Acrobat and (if you can't swing Adobe) Microsoft Powerpoint. But, Illustrator is what we prefer. 
  2. Pinterest Addiction... never has a more basic thing come out of our mouths, but it's true. With Pinterest, Tumblr and Instagram, we build our collection of images. 
  3. iCloud Storage for the thousands of images you'll save to your desktop... we save everything and keep it on hand, we never know where inspiration will come from. 


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