Gifting Edit: Your Best Friends

E 72 Gift Guide, BFFs-01.png




rarely will anyone gift us better than we gift ourselves. the exception to this rule is, obviously, your best friends. either they know you (and your shopping habits) as well as your credit card does, or they'll outright ask you what you want. But, if you're stuck (or limited by aforementioned credit card), we have some thoughts. 

like our current favorite candle. It smells just like le labo santal 33 (aka that woody, sultry scent basically everyone wears), without the mood-killing price. Or chic beauty products like glossier or rodin. we abide by the rule of thumb - Buy them what they wouldn't buy themselves - so luxe basics like rodin hand cream, bkr water bottle or coffee table books are always thoughtful options. As are framed prints (and the chic lomography camera they'll use to create frame-worthy prints). And, trust us, you'll thank us for the link to this bag.... 

And to our friend who are reading this - we miss you! 

makenzi hogan