Essentials Edit: The Carryall

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If you dumped out our purses, there'd be a lot more sh*T in there than these 6 essentials. But, a picture of the contents of our purse - three receipts, five mints (and two mint wrappers), nine business cards, 2 glossier balm dot coms, several branded lighters, several east seventy second hair ties, two pairs of tangled headphones, $2.14 in change, and three pens (only one of which works) - wouldn't be aesthetically pleasing. So here's the basics. glossier stretch concealer, because it's super melty but light, chanel velvet foundation, louis maison maire perfume, glossier balm dot com, polaroid (and film) for fun moments, and a sketch book. FYI we don't sketch, but we like a big blank page to write out our ideas. 

what do you keep in your everyday bag? 


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