East Seventy Second is a concierge marketing boutique based in Austin, Texas. By concierge, we mean that we're a marketing boutique that specializes in customizable, on-demand services - kind of like an in-house marketing department without the cost of providing health benefits. From content creation, to social media management, to overall brand development, we work with founders and start-ups to build a consistently-powerful, easily identifiable and totally appealing voice for the brand.   


The why

While working at one of the most recognizable brands of our time - think lots of yellow and lots of bee-related puns - we fell in love with giving brands their voice. We also learned that good branding and tight budgets are not mutually exclusive. We believe that every brand deserves a voice, and that voice can be accomplished at any budget. 



We started East Seventy Second to create an authentic, empowering work-environment. Our process with clients (we call them members) reflects this. We build, rebuild or manage brands by emphasizing their ethos through open, honest, on-demand communication. Through extensive research and in-depth meetings, we work to understand the brand as the founder does to capture, then proliferate the brand's mood, voice, vision and message through beautiful design and sincere content. Ultimately, we believe that our success is defined by our members' success. 


The founder

Our founder, Makenzi Hogan, believes a title like that should come with air quotes. She was raised to believe brand trumps product, happy clients are the only meaningful indicator of success, and honesty is the best policy. P.S. She didn't set out to be a "founder," she set out to do what she loves in a positive, empowering environment. Follow her on Instagram if you're brave enough.